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Customers are routinely satisfied
with our excellent residential construction services
especially the extra mile we go
to make their lives easier!

Renovation Solutions worked with the utmost professionalism and managed all issues that arose with skill and tact, always making sure the outcome met the goals of the project.  We will always look to Renovation Solutions on future projects!

-  S. Shipp


Renovation Solutions guided my project, but always made sure the result was my style, not a "room in a box." When we discussed ideas, I was never persuaded to do something I did not want to do. I appreciate the flexibility and customer-oriented approach that is a priority of Renovation Solutions.

- M. Stanley


I am more than happy to recommend Renovation Solutions.  The home Renovation Solutions brought back to life has been here a very long time.  People tell me stories about knowing or being a part of the history of this historic home.  Susan's suggestions for material and colors kept the original flavor of the home and brought it back to its glory.

- C. Terry

Every penny was watched carefully during my project and I am very pleased with the results I got from Renovation Solutions for my re-design.

- B. Elphick

I am a single professional and travel quite a bit.  I had neither the time nor the expertise to design or manage the remodel of my home and kitchen on my own.  Renovation Solutions helped me formalize what I actually wanted to do, refined by Susan's excellent taste and experience.  After that, she took the ball and ran with it.  I am very pleased with the results of the home redesign, the full kitchen remodel, the addition of a gun room and furniture acquisition!

- J. Davis


We hope you will find the following Tips interesting and helpful.  Check back with us periodically.  These bits of information will change so that you may continue discovering and learning as you proceed through your project!

Begin your project by determining the design of your room.  Identify everything you can that you want to include within the room.  Renovation Solutions can help you identify the project components and prepare a budget that also includes estimated costs of labor, fees, and other associated expenses.  It is wise to include 10-20% of the total to allow for items added to the project as it progresses.

The top way to decrease the cost of your remodeling project is by making careful product selections.  Renovation Solutions can help you determine whether you can achieve a similar look with a less expensive product, while also considering value and quality.

One of the classic home remodeling tips is to maximize resale value by spending your money "where the water is."  This means kitchens and bathrooms!  Also, having a good trim carpenter install crown molding can really dress up your home.

When you are shopping, if you see something you love but are not sure whether it will work into your decor, buy it!  If you like it that much, you will always be able to find a place for it where you will enjoy the piece and the memory it evokes.

Helping You Make Your House A Home!

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