Completion of Remodel
Renovations Solutions was contracted to complete a remodel begun by the homeowner. Our work included:
* replacing the front door with a double-door entry, as well as replacing the back door
  and laundry room door
* selecting and installing light fixtures and fans
* completing electrical and plumbing updates and repairs
* designing and installing cabinetry in the laundry room
* selecting and applying new paint colors to highlight the homeowner's beautiful 
   new wood floors and red oak trim
* re-styling the existing fireplace and support column
* selecting and installing rugs and decor for several areas in the home
This remodel had a tremendous beginning by the homeowner, and received a polished finish from Renovation Solutions!

We replaced the glass door leading to the new laundry room.  We added a door that matches the existing door to the garage and ensured a good fit. 


We removed the open shelves in the nook of the laundry room, the exposed 2x4 which remained from prior wall removal, and the cabinet above the washer and dryer.  We designed and installed custom built, painted cabinets and added an open shelf above the appliances for the homeowner's laundry care goods.


In the family room, the fireplace became a handsome focal point with the addition of picture frame trim and an applique on the mantle, installation of stunning marble on the fireplace surround and hearth, and a dramatic paint treatment upon the mantle and adjoining bookcase. 

We removed trim pieces from the support column near the front door and covered it with stained red oak that matches the other rich woodwork in the living space.  The column now gracefully ties into the wood features of the room and has a more elegant existence in the space.


We assisted the homeowner in the selection of a new front door design and replaced the existing single front door and sidelights with a beautiful double door made of knotty alder. We painted the trim around the transom, changed the doorbell to a lighted bronze button, and added a large monogrammed door mat. The front porch now offers a very warm welcome to the homeowner's guests!

A view of the front door from the interior:         And the new knotty alder back door:


By removing the pendant light fixture in the dining area and replacing it with 4 recessed cans, we created flexibility in furniture arrangement options, expanding the ways in which the space may be used. We added a rug and rearranged the homeowner's furniture to create a place for card playing, dining, reading or just relaxing.



Adding crown moulding in two bedrooms established consistency among the bedrooms. The home's new paint scheme lends for different personalities in each space while tying together the entire home with threads of warm, rich tones of taupe, green, cinnamon and brown in the paint, rugs and decor!

    Master bedroom:


    Guest room:


    Additional room, which will become the study:


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